Someday you’ll be sorry

1st until 31st Oct 2020
Riverside Pavilion Cafe, Avenham Park, Preston

A soundscape by Rebecca Chesney
Curated by Lubaina Himid MBE

Familiar rhythms and sounds, unfamiliar calls, cries and warnings: some sounds are close by and common, others distant and unknown.
What can you hear? Are you listening?

About the artist

Read more about Rebecca Chesney’s creative practice here:

Location and opening hours

Riverside Pavilion Cafe, Avenham Park, Preston

Map view

Monday to Saturday 10 – 4pm
Free for all to attend.

This soundscape was previously exhibited from the 8th of March but had a short run due to covid-19 lockdown and venue closure.

Image credits: Gavin Renshaw protected by copyright ©