Saturday 28 April  2018
by artist Richard Bliss

Artist and tailor Richard Bliss is on a quest to make the perfect shirt, and brought his shirt-making project to The Harris.

The Quest for the Perfect Shirt is a project that explores masculinity by making shirts in public. The project has been supported by Arts Council England.

Richard has been travelling the country, talking to men and women about shirts; what shirts they like, how shirts should be worn, what messages shirts send out to the world.

Using these conversations as his starting point, Richard is creating shirts that are being exhibited in museums, galleries and at pop up events all around the country.

Visitors took their own tour around the Harris Museum and Art Gallery and then came to talk to Richard about what they thought makes a perfect shirt.

About the artists

Read more about Richard Bliss.

All events took place at The Harris Museum and Art Gallery

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