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Lois Hopwood is an artist based in Glasgow. Currently studying masters fine art practice at glasgow school of art, with a focus on photography and the moving image. She previously gained a BA in fine art from Staffordshire University. Working in digital media, sound and installation and considering our growing relationship with internet culture and the links between screen and viewer. She has previously exhibited across the UK, in the USA, Australia and on several online platforms.

 Her work is primarily concerned with the impact of technology and ‘virtual reality’ on physical space and our perception of the ‘real world’. Attempting to bridge the gap between online and ‘real life’, while exploring the way in which we utilise technology in our daily lives. particularly how online networks function as pathways for art. From a starting point of digital video and images, the work explores the personal and public spaces we visit online, more recently combining digital media with larger scale sculptural and installation interpretations of virtual space.

Mathew Birchall
works with Installations (wood, perspex, Hair, paper) constructions, alignment, Print, code (Base64, Morse code) Language, Video, MB.

INNARDS film by Matthew Birchall

Man vs. machine, dot dot dot dot. Mans best friend is machine, NO! Not dog? Machine!
It serves us well. This metal hag.
Machines give us power, they ask for power, as they need it. We give all we have and more.
Power on and serve.
‘I hear someone say, oh video shit video’ to them I say ‘Oh power shit power’

Very few amplifiers bought new today (2018) have innards as beautiful as the Rotel integrated stereo amplifier RA-412 featured in this cold piece. The click from the function knob says ‘next next next’ with a positive and sturdy manner, unlike the “work” which is small and easy, like a cheap phone, ‘throw it away it has no battery life left’.

How would it have looked shot in 3d? Huh, I want, you give.
T Robertson, 2018

Kepla (Jon Davies)
& DeForrest Brown Jr. “Absent Personae Postscript”
Video by Chris Boyd
PTP 2017

‘“Absent Personae Postscript” is weaponized history, rerouted through trauma, cybernetics, and orality. The final track off of PTP’s collaboration between Deforrest Brown, Jr. and Kepla, offers a fragmented narrative that traces a Black history embedded within the skin, within the voice, within the body of a community under “trap-conditions,” under the “lash” of a mechanized and mechanizing apparatus spanning economy, sociality, and punishment. Brown, Jr. reminds us that “there is only evasion” in this state of things, and “Absent Personae Postscript” fidgets with an evasiveness, a rhizomatic awareness whose reticulating components swerve and fissure into mitosis. The whirling cleavages, the chirping schisms that Kepla fashions splice into the rerouted figures and histories Brown, Jr.’s solemn words purl. The floating, spectralized form that recounts Brown, Jr.’s dérive further enhances this sense of deterritorialization and reappropriation: Brown, Jr.’s voice speaks the figure of the encoded and encrypted Black Body—depicted with various digital manipulations in Chris Boyd’s haunting video—into existence.’ – Ben Bieser, Ad Hoc

“Absent Personae” is an audiovisual collaboration between Kepla, DeForrest Brown Jr and Chris Boyd., commissioned by Electronic Voice Phenomena and released by PTP, as a psychopolitical meditation on Black America as a (de)territorialized subject. Using secondary audio sources from social media and private voice recordings in various urban environments, “Absent Personae” recalls palpable but unseen trauma through the spectacle of culture production.

Absent Personae LP
DeForrest Brown Jr. –
Kepla –
Chris Boyd –

Hannah Cobb is an artist from Preston, Lancashire. Originally specializing in Illustration, she has worked freelance on commision projects in Preston and beyond. Recently, Hannah has branched out to other media such as painting, photography, textiles and video art. She has been an active member of the Preston music scene for 4 years, and her current band Dream English Kid are slowly becoming Manchester based. The group, for which Hannah sings, plays synth and orchestrates visuals, is becoming less of a band and more of an artistic movement.

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