Little Little Man Man

Thursday 17th of May 2018
Film screening by artist Tao Lashley-Burnley

“We never look at one thing; we are always looking at the relation between things and ourselves.”

The way we are presented with the moving image changes how we engage with it, the format and context influence how we view. How can our methods of viewing be altered to make the structures of moving image more visible? What are the differences between different classifications of film, how are they structured differently to affect the way we view them? How do we view film, can we be made to see as the camera? What does this do for us?

Artist Tao Lashley-Burnley put together two film programmes of artist’s film, archive footage, and public domain film. The programmes look at how narratives are created between separate objects, sounds and images. Examining experience through the moving image and how we alter objects though our relation to them, their hierarchies and the structures we ascribe to objects and images we see in the world.

About the artists

Read more about Tao’s practice here

Artists film included from Mathew Birchall (INNARDS), Lois Hopwood, Hannah Cobb & Jon Davies (Absent Personae Postscript) read more about them and their films here

Work was part of a Museums at Night double bill screening alongside Minor Conspiracy , a Sound Performance by Rob Mullender.

All events took place at The Harris Museum and Art Gallery

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