Print Symposium speakers

Typ-ooo North (a collaborative print collective comprised of Lukas Hornby and Heather Ross) whose 2017 project ‘Making Visible The Archive of Gwyneth Alban Davis’

Heather Ross
Ross’s recent art practice has interrogated the relationship between how information is presented and how it may be conceptualised and experienced. She is concerned with activating written and visual material, using a generative practice by which the subject in question can be re-thought and experienced sensorially. This process might involve, for example, translating a written description of sound or behaviour into a performance, where it can be embodied, studied through action and better understood or using transcription to interrogate meaning- for example expressing sound through print, or painting.

Heather Ross is a PhD candidate at Newcastle University in conjunction with the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle. Her PhD project seeks to provide new sensorial insights into Kurt Schwitters’ Merzbarn Wall, through creative practice.

Lukas Hornby
Printmaking; digital multimedia; sound.

The themes of Lukas’ work have been the art of the everyday, the subaltern, and relevant technology. With this he has looked to provide a critique of elitism within the educational world, and specifically around the arts and classism.

Lukas is largely self-taught, having begun teaching (and learning just as much) letterpress workshops in the mid-2000’s.Lukas’ work as a graphic designer and web-designer/builder largely focuses on arts-projects and arts-organisations.

Upon founding Typ-ooo North in 2017 with fellow artist Heather Ross, Lukas has a newfound focus and direction in his work, and a deepening interest in archive-based research and development. When he is not focusing on his own practice he is also working with the collective behind ‘Shared Space’, a safe space for artists who are otherwise excluded from funding, to pursue their practice, having set-up a number of self-managed meanwhile spaces around Bradford and Shiley to support this. He is very proud to call Bradford his home and a great source of inspiration and support for his developing work.

Tanja Engelberts
Tanja Engelberts translates her photographic explorations into spatial experiences through, printmaking, sculpture and installation. She investigates the duality between the romantic landscape and its economic reality in today’s world. Recent projects range from rural Wyoming to the endless North Sea, and  linger on the history of the fossil fuel industry.

Tanja  graduated from a master fine art at Chelsea College of Art & Design (UK), after studying sculpture in both the Netherlands and Japan. She currently lives and works in The Hague (NL).

In 2014, she received the Stipendium for Emerging Artists from the Mondriaan Fund. Other artist in residencies and fellowship awards are, notably from, Banff centre for arts and creativity (CA), ING collection (NL) Stroom, project investment (NL), The Ucross Foundation (USA), winner Clifford Chance sculpture award (UK), IK Foundation residency (NL) and Örö residency (FI). Tanja’s work is represented by Caroline O’Breen gallery (NL).

Catriona Leahy
Catriona Leahy is drawn to a sense of, what she terms, “Temporal Dissonance” within declining or redundant sites and landscapes. This dissonance manifests itself in instances where time is displaced and out of joint, where incongruous or anachronistic objects, architecture or particular landscape tropes usher the past into focus with the present.

To that end the remains of cultural phenomena that have been displaced, or have lost their significance in our “progress-driven”, globalised society are one point of departure. Residues on the landscape of our industrial past and by extension, the impact this human intervention has had on our environment also provide material for investigating the repercussions of a society driven by progress.

Working site-responsively or with associated archives, she investigates the supposed historicity of place and image in an attempt to reveal the unseen. Often influenced by the transformative process inherent in print, her practice involves an “excavation” of both the site and its associated archive  – both of which operate within different spacio-temporal contexts.

Catriona currently lives and works between London and Dublin.  She has exhibited internationally, most recently with Unfolding Landscape at De Cacaofabriek in Holland.

Karen Davies
Karen Davies lives and works in London. She completed postgraduate study at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2013 and graduated from Newcastle University BA Fine Art in 1998.

She exhibits nationally and internationally, with exhibitions including We Love New York? Broadway Gallery, New York USA (2010), Northern Print Biennale Newcastle University, Newcastle UK (2009) and Enchanted Moment BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead UK (2008). She was recipient of the Cecil Lewis Sculpture Scholarship (2013) and an Oppenheim John Downes Award towards her postgraduate study (2012). In 2010 she received an Arts Council England Individual Grants for Arts Award for research and development of her practice, and in the same year was artist in residence at Isis Arts, Newcastle UK. In 2014, she has been represented by Made In Arts London at Fake Nature, Zero Gallery, Dalston and Bigger Brighter Bolder at UAL Showroom.

Anna Júlía Fridbjörnsdóttir lives and works in Reykjavík. She combines various mediums including drawing, sculpture and video, often using found material. Her practice explores the intersection between science and culture and draws on such diverse sources as politics, taxonomy, art history and, more widely, the space of humankind within the world.

Fridbjörnsdóttir completed her MA Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2004 and a BA Fine Art at London Guildhall University in 1998. She was the founder and co-editor of the contemporary art magazine Sjónauki (2007-2009) and an Associate Director at i8 Gallery, Reykjavík (2008-2015). Her works have been exhibited in Iceland, the UK and in Scandinavia. She was nominated for the Icelandic Art Price in 2018.

Malgorzata ET BER Warlikowska
Born in Gdansk. Graduated in 1996 from the Graphic Arts Department at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, where she now directs the Studio of Printmaking Expansion.

Malgorzata has participated in over 60 solo exhibitions and in more than 100 group exhibitions and competitions. Working with her artist friend, Anka XY Mierzejewska, they have created the artistic group Old Banana. They organize performances in public spaces.

Malgorzata works with serigraph and linocut on paper, ceramic, glass and metal, ceramic sculpture, and painting. She often uses combinations of these techniques. Malgorzata has created many series of works including: Logorrhea, Lalopathy, Eat Your Mother, Born to be KING… Kong, Me – crowd – Moloch, Woman Thinks, KaKaPooPoo Project, Eating Marilyn Monroe. She is always looking for new technologies and opportunities to expand her artistic activities.

Malgorzata is fascinated by thermo-sealable print technology. She uses it to cover her sculptures made by ceramic ,glass or metal.

Artist statment
I’m addicted to creation. Techniques pass one into another. Sculpture, painting, installation, drawing – all these activities combine by printmaking: my main fascination. I print on paper, foil, wood, ceramics, glass, metal by paint, domestos, varnish or organic matter. Everything is possible.

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