Typ-ooo North (a collaborative print collective comprised of Lukas Hornby and Heather Ross) whose 2017 project ‘Making Visible The Archive of Gwyneth Alban Davis’

Heather Ross

My recent art practice has interrogated the relationship between how information is presented and how it may be conceptualised and experienced. I am concerned with activating written and visual material, using a generative practice by which the subject in question can be re-thought and experienced sensorially. This process might involve, for example, translating a written description of sound or behaviour into a performance, where it can be embodied, studied through action and better understood or using transcription to interrogate meaning- for example expressing sound through print, or painting.

My current work centres on the re-activation of an old treadle press, housed at Merz Barn, Cumbria – I have employed it as a generative tool to examine Kurt Schwitters’ ideas on sound, language and typography, and to deconstruct how this was expressed visually in print by Stefan Themerson in his book Kurt Schwitters in England (1958).

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